The Development Network (cluster of businesses and other bodies)



The Region of Epirus has instituted a Local Development Pact for the Route of the Ancient Theatres of Epirus (“the Pact”) which is based on participants signing a “Memorandum of Cooperation” characterized by the following:


  • The Memorandum of Cooperation is addressed to professionals, businesses, organizations and other public, private or non-profit bodies associated with the Route and opting to collaborate on a voluntary self-commitment basis to promote the Route and the wider region of Epirus as a destination, espousing the shared vision of improving the quality of products and services offered.


  • It aims to achieve the widest possible participation, so as to establish a strong group whose members, accepting the rules of the Pact both individually and, most importantly, through synergies: accept the local development strategy; incorporate elements of local identity in their policies and operation; contribute to establishing the brand of this new tourism product (the Route brand name), whilst aiding and protecting it as “collective property”, acting as the ambassadors of other group members and the region.


  • It establishes a minimum of participation criteria that do not discourage small businesses from entering the Pact. On the contrary, they are “rewarded” to the extent that they incorporate a policy of change and self-improvement. Existing certification systems are taken into account.


  • Both “small” and “large” participants come together as a unified whole, inspired by and working towards the same goal. The contribution of each member is not evaluated purely on a financial basis, but also through the good use of synergies and the practical efforts made to incorporate innovation, digital technology and local cultural elements in their business operations.


  • Participants in the Pact receive the Product Mark/Logo of the Route as an indication/depiction of the quality of the goods and services they offer.


  • Moreover, EPIRUS S.A. is called upon to undertake training, evaluation, verification of rule compliance and monitoring of the agreed, as well as know-how transfer initiatives, which the members of the Pact agree to join.